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Surrogacy Agencies in Wisconsin

Surrogacy agencies in Wisconsin will help hopeful intended parents and prospective surrogates learn how surrogacy works in the state.

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Keep reading to learn how surrogacy in Wisconsin works and how agencies can help you.

Defining Surrogacy in Wisconsin

Surrogacy in Wisconsin is when a gestational carrier, intended parents, and surrogacy professionals (like surrogacy agencies in Wisconsin) work together to bring a baby into the world.

The surrogate becomes pregnant with the intended parents’ child through IVF. The embryo used in IVF is created with the intended parents (or donors’) gametes.

You’ll likely work with the following surrogacy professionals on your journey:

These professionals are essential to the surrogacy process.

Working With Surrogacy Agencies in Wisconsin

Surrogacy agencies in Wisconsin employ professionals who help prospective intended parents and surrogates through the surrogacy process.

These are some of the services that the best surrogacy agencies in Wisconsin have:

If you’re looking for a surrogacy agency in Wisconsin to work with, you can start with this list:

In addition to the above surrogacy services, full-service agencies also provide a range of benefits.

Benefit 1: Matching and Screening

All surrogacy journeys start with prescreening. If you’re wondering how to become a surrogate in Wisconsin or are considering choosing surrogacy to become parents, this is where to start!

All surrogacy agencies in Wisconsin provide screening. This screening service ensures you match with a surrogate or intended parents who can safely complete a surrogacy journey. You can expect to complete the following screenings with the help of your surrogacy professional:

Surrogacy agencies in the state also provide matching services. Typically, surrogacy agencies in Wisconsin with shorter wait times benefit surrogates and intended parents. For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain this by:

 Benefit 2: Case Management

Your surrogacy professional will handle all the technical aspects of your journey. This will leave you free to focus on your needs. American Surrogacy’s case management services include the following:

Benefit 3: Financial Certainty

Generally, the cost of surrogacy in Wisconsin is between $120,000 and $250,000.

For reference, American Surrogacy offers a fixed fee of $149,900 for surrogacy in Wisconsin cost. This covers American Surrogacy’s services, gestational carrier fees, and medical and legal fees. 

The benefit of working with an agency with a fixed-free structure is that all costs are transparent.

Benefit 4: Strong Base Compensation

If you’re wondering, “How much do surrogates get paid in Wisconsin,” the answer slightly varies.

First-time surrogates receive $45,000-50,000 for their time and energy. Repeat surrogates can often receive more — up to $75,000.

A surrogate can do whatever she wants with her base compensation. In addition to receiving base pay for her services, a surrogate also will receive reimbursement for all her surrogacy, medical, pregnancy and legal surrogacy fees.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Wisconsin?

Surrogacy is legal in the state. According to American Surrogacy, “a 2013 case, In re. the Paternity of F.T.R, concluded that surrogacy contracts are enforceable in this state, unless they are contrary to the child’s best interest.” 

Surrogates and intended parents will receive their own surrogacy attorney. Both attorneys will help create a contract that will outline the following:

Surrogacy in Wisconsin Steps

Intended parents and surrogates can start their surrogacy journeys by reaching out to a surrogacy professional at an agency. When an interested party reaches out to a surrogacy agency, they can expect to go through the following steps:

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