Types of Surrogacy Agencies

Religious Surrogacy Agencies

Whether you are considering surrogacy as a gestational carrier or intended parent, you want to research your options and determine what is best before making any life-changing decisions. For those pursuing this opportunity, surrogacy and religion is a topic that tends to create many questions and concerns.

While some religious views on surrogacy do not necessarily align with the positive impact it provides, intended parents and surrogates of all different faiths have experienced spiritual fulfillment on this journey. Understanding the thoughts of the church and surrogacy may help you feel more confident in your decision to choose this path.

Below, you will find information on several different religious perspectives on surrogacy. Although views of surrogacy can vary widely, it is essential to realize there is nothing immoral about this type of family-building, and many have religious motivation behind surrogacy. Anytime you have questions about surrogacy, you can fill out this form to learn more. Until then, read any of the guides below to get more information about religious aspects of surrogacy.

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